About Peloponnese

Peloponnese, the island of Pelops, is the southernmost part of the Balkan peninsula.

The landscape shows a wide variety:
there are kilometers of fantastic sandy and pebble beaches and bays. In particular in the northwestern and southwestern parts of Peloponnese, all along the coast large choices of still not crowded beaches with clear waters are offered. The southern middle part of Peloponnese offers a great variety of bays (pebble, rocky and sandy) and touristically developed villages with still Greek traditional atmosphere.
Thanks to the very nice Mediterranean climate, the uncountable amount of olive groves and the population’s main occupation in agriculture, vegetation is very remarkable all around the area.
The mountain ranges (until 2.407m) give the extra beauty especially to the southern and middle part of Peloponnese and offer a great opportunity for climbing, hiking and long excursions.

From the mainland access is granted through the two bridges, in the east bridging the Isthmus of Corinth, in the north-west the great Rio-Antirio-Bridge, close to Patras.

Peloponnese has two airports with international Charterflight traffic and domestic flights. Kalamata Airport in the south and Araxos Airport in the north-west.

Also Athens Airport is used by a large number of travellers in order to visit the Peninsula - due to the improved roads and highways.


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